Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Red Devils: Moving On or Moving Forward?

The last five minutes seemed so promising. Even for us sworn pessimists. Especially for the optimist faithful.

What does it do to a team, when every one of its worn down players is particularly aware of the 300 million others, on their feet, anxious for the ball to cross that fine white line that determines the fate of many? It rattles them. It rattles them crazy. Their hearing skills match those of a feline while their eyesight mimes that of an aged man.

Crazy yet true. Horrifying yet overcome able. Devastating and yet, hopeful.

29 games, 10 months unbeaten. If that's not described as achievement enough, I don't know what is. Yet, to end this marvelous streak to a low placed team like Wolverhampton adds a lot more to the humiliation and frustration.

Manchester United, on its way to becoming the most successful team in the EPL, lost its first match this season. At half time, the score was 2-1 in favour of the Wolves, and remained that way throughout the entire course of the game. And to think United are so admiringly labeled the 'Kings of Comeback' for that sensational ability to win games when a goal down even at the 86th minute. The last five minutes seemed so promising - With every United patron on his feet, chanting to himself, 'We're the Kings of Comeback, We're Manchester United.'

With thirteen matches to go, United are leading the EPL table with Arsenal seemingly menacing, only 4 points behind. United have not played Chelsea at all this season, a rival many consider intimidating no matter how long a losing streak they possess. The 'loss' of the season has shaken many and the road ahead looks tougher than ever before.

United have a reputation of surprising fans with last minute wins and at the same time, disappointing them with careless, unexpected losses. The numerous draws don't mean much either - they're only looked upon as 2 point deficits. For a team that once considered winning a 'habit', now have to push hard to do so. Many say they're losing their 'shine' while others consider them so tame a team that their many wins absolutely baffle them.

Has United really fallen so far from grace? Has there been no improvement since the recent dip in form 2 years ago?

Will the imminent departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, Van Der Saar, Scholes and Giggs destroy the very essence of the team?

United fans all over the world now prepare themselves for the expected onslaught, with a higher expectancy for a loss in form, and Hope, that the young guns may step up to the plate. I emphasize Hope, for this pure quality pumps through the blood of every well bred United supporter like never before. A quality that the club has continued to feed on, throughout.

You see, that’s what makes this club special, and that’s how 5% of the world's gigantic population swear themselves to the club.

United doesn't require a burgeoning kitty or a David Villa to move on. They possess a 'magic' unique to the club, a magic that leaves its viewers literally 'spell bound'.

For all the Judases who so quickly shifted base to Chelsea or Barcelona, you're in for the biggest regret of your life. For here stands a recharged club with more promise than a Torres manned team will ever have. Here stands Manchester United.

“At United, we strive for perfection, and if we fail, we just might have to settle for excellence.”

Cheers to that, Sir Matt Busby!

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