Monday, 1 August 2011

Giggle Fest

To jump out a window or smell a flower? I'd rather jump on a highly unstable iron bed pretending to be superman. (Yes with towels for capes et al) 
But wait a minute, that was you guys. Riiiight. I was the silent spectator while the three of you posed for very flattering pictures in your not so conventional ensemble. While a so called 'sensible' person might think 'And my mom thought I was crazy', all that went through my big head was 'Oh my gosh, these people are effing epic!' Yes, thats what's called a pretty cool first impression. And yes, you may blush now. 

I'm not one to remember stuff, I mean I'd easily forget what I did at my last birthday (totally legit stuff but just saying) But insane moments like these? They're gonna be stuck to the grey walls of this loose brain for life. 
So here's to those people in my life who wear flowers in their hair (and ears), say weird crap like 'You can eat my tatti', pay homage to the LA Lakers by wearing the same yellow and purple outfit everyday (which is VERY cool by the way), hug me and scream 'We won!' when you don't even know the team's name, own a laptop called Henry or a calculator named Caleb (and treat them like actual people?), climb a 16 feet high ladder just to tie a shiny ball or a joker's face to a piece of wood, dance to a Tamil song (and sing along to the words too!), use 'fudge' as a curse word, stick 'Loser' post-its onto random people's faces, sing with 'Loser' post-its stuck to different parts of your face, watch Fevicol ads just for fun, take 2 hours to cook a meal and gulp it down in one-tenth of that time and drink juice from a bucket at the World Cup Final. 
I could go on and on just cause there's so much to remember. The grey walls of my brain are now this gigantic, colourful soft board with your warped but pretty faces on it, each one with a look that says 'God made me awesome' (Courtesy : Garima Raghuvanshy) 

So whatever you people are made of, I'm sure a giant bowl-full of legendary matter is the first item on the recipe. I love each one of you - more than Frodo loved Sam (they were just disgusting together), more than Smeagle loved his 'Precious' (no, I'm not implying obssession) and more than the number of times we visit Colaba multiplied by the amount of money we spend solely on food, added to the number of hours spent on eating that gi-normous load of food. Yes, I'm in an awfully 'senti' mood and no, you may not tease me about it later. So wave those jazz hands for my choice of candidates for President! =)

"I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you." - The Moldy Peaches

(Dedicated to my fellow hostelites, those without whom I probably wouldn't have survived through the last year)

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